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Company History

  In 1970, Bill Law and his wife Dorothy started a small business in Lexington, SC supplying area farmers and industries with irrigation and pumping equipment.  However, it was Bill’s business philosophy that turned W. P. Law, Inc. into something more than just another pipe and pump supplier.

  That philosophy, “helping customers is our business,”
has guided the company’s development into one of South Carolina’s major distributors of pump and piping systems – providing virtually anything companies or individuals might need to make things flow from one place to another and partnering with customers to make it happen.  The commitment to do more for customers than simply have materials on hand has led W. P. Law, Inc. to offer an increased number of services through the years.  Whether a project is in the early stages and needs expert design to keep things on track, or is finished and needs ongoing maintenance to keep things flowing, or any stage in between, our experienced staff is focused on doing the job, not just dispensing the product.  “Selling is just helping the customer figure out how to do what he wants to do” – W. P. “Bill” Law.

  Today, the company has over 70 employees located in seven cities
.  Following Bill Law’s philosophy of helping customers means that the company has to provide expertise along with quality products, and person by person, we have assembled the most technically experienced and highly qualified staff of any distributor in the state.  Each person is dedicated to the same task: helping the customer figure out how to do what he wants to do.

  To get the job done, our staff includes college graduates from multiple disciplines including engineering, horticulture, and turfgrass management; Irrigation Association certified designers; controls technicians, computer programmers, AutoCAD specialists, custom fabricators, and customer service representatives with hands-on experience.

  Customers coming to W. P. Law, Inc.
routinely receive help in design, consulting, training, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, maintenance, fabrication, and hands-on help in the field.  Through the years, providing these services has built W. P. Law, Inc. an indelible reputation for integrity and caring for the customer.  It is a source of pride among company employees.

  Our employees also pride themselves on keeping at the forefront of technology. 
In the mid 1970’s they pioneered the use of drip/micro irrigation in the region, helping the state’s farmers move to this productive and water saving innovation.  Drip irrigation is now utilized in the majority of irrigation systems in the state and W. P. Law, Inc. remains an acknowledged leader in the technology.

  The same open approach to innovation has led the company
to break new ground in a whole range of new fields and projects.  One such example, is promoting the use of high-tech water conservation products such as “smart” irrigation controllers.  These controllers combined with weather stations and moisture sensors are not only environmentally responsible but also provide significant water cost savings to the end user.

  W. P. Law, Inc.
has supplied designs and materials for such applications as effluent spray fields, wet log storage, livestock cooling, wildlife habitats, aquaculture, chemigation, fertigation, irrigation control systems, synchronized and interplay fountains, industrial corrosive fluids handling, pond drainage, municipal water systems, and low voltage exterior lighting to name a few.

  At W. P. Law, Inc., you can purchase thousands of parts to make things flow.
  However, what you really get with your purchase is the help you need to accomplish your goals.

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